About Us

what is a mookychickMookychick is the indie bible for babes with attitude.

  • Mookychick is a weekly online magazine for alternative women. We regularly feature alternative style, beauty, health, relationship and careers advice, music and general alternative culture. If you look closely, you’ll see we’re into social activism and come up with how-to guides on everything from casting a spell that actually works to making a fruit bowl out of a record. These are life skills we’re talking about!
  • Mookychick is a diverse online community.
  • Mookychick is an elite finishing school for the modern young miss of today. Make the most of who you are and suck as much of the juice from life’s pomegranate as you can. It’s obviously more important to make your mark on life than it is to bag a rich boyfriend or get in and out of a sports car correctly.
  • Mookychick keywords are: information, playfulness, opinion, action and generosity of spirit.
  • Mookychick is an unstoppable army. We’ve checked the records, and it appears that you are its only soldier and general. Welcome to Mookychick.
  • Be mooky, not pooky
  • Join us…
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