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July 10, 2008 Leave a comment

I was going to use the word ‘facelift’, but that’s so against the Mooky ethos that it seemed as inappropriate for a website as it would for a person.

Websites age. People age. We don’t mind showing the wrinkles – we just want to look fighting fit and gorgeous.

The 2008 trends for web design suggested that something grungy, swirly, delicate – with a hint of collage – was in order. Mookychick now has had – not a facelift – but a slimming and oxygenating exercise regime, and we think it looks very pretty.

Not only that, but it’s far easier to navigate, and we’ve sorted out some bugs that were appearing for our users on Internet Explorer – like the images being pulled out of whack. It was annoying for you, it was annoying for us, but now everyone will be seeing Mookychick in the same way on their screens, in glorious pink and monochrome!

If you read this and you’re a web designer, we’re always happy for hints and tips – if you think there’s anything we can and should change on, please do let us know.

In the meantime – we really hope you’ll enjoy the site!

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Support Mookychick – buy a MookyTee xxx

April 10, 2008 Leave a comment

alternative tshirtsA MookyTee is not a fabulous bird. It is a fabulous fitted T-shirt.

Mookychick is proud to present our lovely fitted mookytees. They come in black, charcoal, chocolate, scarlet, pure white, soft sky blue and kawaii baby pink.

They accessorise with anything, and they’re super well-made.

Mookytees cost £18 (or US $32).

Support Mookychick!

Wear words across your ladybumps!

Buy a Mookytee!

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Beatnik chic – WIN 1 OF 5 sets of Wet2Straight hair straighteners

April 3, 2008 Leave a comment

hair straighteners competitionMookychick has 5 sets of the latest Wet2Straight Remington hair straighteners each worth £59.99 to give away! Use them after a shower, and they work on thick, curly or damaged hair like a dream. Answer a simple question to enter.

Apparently, and beatnik girls will be snapping their fingers with delight to hear it, it’s now hip to be straight.

Win 1 of 5 sets of Wet2Straight hair straighteners!


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