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Competition to design a ‘Balls to Bullfighting’ T-shirt

Hello folks, this just dropped in my inbox, so I’m letting you know about a new design competition that Don’t Panic and The League Against Cruel Sports are working on together. The LACS ‘Balls to Bullfighting’ campaign aims to bring an end to bullfighting, and wants artists to create a t-shirt design appropriate to the message. The winner will see their design worn worldwide, sold in various independent fashion boutiques around London and also on the League’s website, with proceeds going towards furthering the cause. This is a great way to get a designer’s work noticed throughout the world, while also aiding a very worthy cause.

The competition runs from May 19th – July 15th 2008 on the Don’t Panic site (

Click here to find out more about the design a Balls to Bullfighting T-shirt competition


Against the outside drinking ban in London’s Soho

It’s come to our attention that Westminster Council is planning to enforce a ban on all outside drinking (and socialising, from one version of the legalise we read online. How would one go about restricting ‘outside socialising’? And what does outside socialising mean? It makes one reminisce of the Criminal Justice Bill, which aimed, amongst other things, to shut down raves by saying groups of twelve or more people couldn’t get together and dance to repetitive beats).

Anyone in living in a mostly commercial area that’s busy at night will know that, yes, sound pollution can seriously detriment your lifestyle. But Soho has long been accepted and welcomed as a liberal, vibrant part of London. And the drinkers there outweigh the number of pubs. Seeing fifty drinkers cluster outside a pub on a friday night in Soho is not unusual. Anyone moving to Soho surely knows what kind of environment they’re moving into. If someone buys a flat in New York’s Time Square, do they complain to the council about the distracting neon and the traffic? One hopes not.

Anyway. While petitions may arguably not do much, they do, at least, provide someone with the ability to feel like they are doing something to stand up and be counted.

Here is a little petition to try and prevent Westminster Council from proceeding with the ban:

“This petition has been created by the licensees of Soho. If you live, work or just visit Soho, and you are familiar with The Endurance Pub and want to support us against Westminster Councils objective for a complete ban on outside drinking and socializing then please sign our petition. It is the council’s intention to enforce a complete ban on outside drinking in all licensed premises.”

If you do sign it don’t forget to respond to the verification …

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Please sign a petition to support belly dancers with swords…

tribal belly dance with swordsIf you’re not a bellydancer, please take time to sign a petition to support those who are.

Tribal bellydance is an art form that can use swords, but swords in bellydancing are no longer legally allowed. Here’s more information.

This just in from a bellydancer who’s been looking into the situation:

Hello all.

Sad news I’m afraid. I have just spoken to the home office and they have confirmed that belly and tribal dancers in the UK are included in the VCR (Violent Crimes Reduction Bill).

As Belly dancers, we are not covered in the exemptions of being classed as a ‘sporting activity’ or a historical reenactment. While we can perform with our existing swords, if you have public liability insurance. You can no longer purchase a new blade.

This is scary thought, as if we are not included in the exclusions to the ban, the art form of sword dancing will ultimately die out in the UK! My sword was broken recently In a workshop when it was dropped. I now can’t get a new one….

The only way we can get this changed for all belly dancers is to voice our concern and request that as a dance form that we are allowed to continue to be allowed to purchase swords, so that we can continue with a beautiful art form.

Please, please take the time to sign the <a href=””>e-petition</a&gt; to request that the government make bellydancers and tribal dancers exempt from the VCR Bill.

It will take a huge volume of dancers and people who support dance to sign the petition to make a difference, so please take the time to sign the petition and support us dancers.


Buy Doy Bags and support Phillipine women’s co-operatives!

April 10, 2008 Leave a comment

doy bags

Remember our article about how to make your own juice bag? A mookychick reader wrote in and told us that if you can’t be bothered to make your own but still have a concscience, you can buy cute juice bags from Doy Bags, a women’s co-operative in the Phillipines that makes these bags to get a respectable wage and stop thousands of juice bags from being burnt or buried. They even do banana ketchup bags!

Doy Bags! Fun chums! Yes indeed!

Starving dogs in the name of art…

April 10, 2008 3 comments

artist starving dogAn artist named Guillermo Vargas Habacu took a stray dog and brought it to a gallery where he tied it up with a chain to a wall and left it to die or thirst and hunger as an “artistic expression”.

And now this so called artist with this gallery are thinking of doing the same in other cities and countries.

The images may disturb you, but here is a blog featuring an online petition against Habacu starving any more dogs for art.

If you read the blog, you’ll see the artist seems to be doing this for caring reasons: he wants to highlight the plight of thousands of dogs who die in Costa Rica every year.

Starving another dog is not the way to make a stand.

Visit the blog and sign the petition.