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Design a belt competition

July 30, 2008 Leave a comment

Born in London in 2001, Lowlife set out to conquer an untouched market that brought the waistline to the forefront of fashion. In conquering the belt market with their range of edgy designs, they have been embraced by an ever-expanding family of musicians,tattooists, skateboarders, BMXers, artists and designers. By absorbing these influences, flirting with pop culture and encouraging creative independence, Lowlife continues to expand and evolve. Lowlife is distributed in 19 countries and is sold in over 700 stores worldwide.

How often do you get to design a belt for one of the leading names in alternative fashion? Not very often, that’s when! We wanted to do something really different this time, so we had a word with one of our favourite clothes companies, Lowlife. Best known for their wide collection of eye-catching belts, they have offered up a blank canvas (well, belt) for a Don’t Panic reader’s design. This will then be put into production (subject to Lowlife‘s discretion) to be seen and sold throughout the land, and the winner will also get a bunch of Lowlife gear. With bands including The Subways, In Flames, Gallows and Fucked Up all sporting Lowlife wear, your designs could end up on stages around the world!

The winner will be chosen from the publicly voted shortlist by Lowlife and stylish Canadian punk-metallers Cancer Bats!
Cancer Bats are currently tearing up the U.S. like some dervish of hardcore, punk and southern metal on the back of their second album, Hail Destroyer (out now on Hassle records). They will be making a pit-stop to pass a critical eye over the top 20 entries and tell us their favourite (you might even see your art strapped around their waists!)

Enter the competition here

Competition closes 28/08/08