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Win funky electro / punk jewelry from Zlanarama

indie and punk jewelryElectro queens, kawaii kittens & punky mommas take note…

Zlanarama is an online alternative jewelry store with a beautiful mission: to restore color and whimsy to a drab and sometimes scary world. Zlanarama wants remind women of the value of many of the things considered childish in our culture. There is nothing wrong with a splash of color – or even a lot of color.

If you haven’t already entered our Mookychick competition to win online vouchers for indie and punk jewelry from Zlanarama, now’s your chance.

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Be transformed by… Robots in Disguise

April 10, 2007 Leave a comment

Dee Plume and Sue Denim are the band’s only two predominant members as of 2007. When playing live, they are joined by a drummer named Ann Droid, and either Noel Fielding or Chris Corner on bass.

The girls make funky electro. They dress sharp, and their lyrics are sharper, as evinced by some of the lyrics in Boys:


Let us celebrate the foreign glamour of boys
Their allure is left unexplained
Their features and form alien to girls as described by girls
Scant chance for us to consume the beauty of the male body for pleasure
The body of boys, the blood of boys

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Yelle – french electro queen!

April 10, 2007 Leave a comment

Yelle (a slamming of Yeah and Elle) is a French electro chick who rose to fame on when she posted a song dissing hip-hop band TTC.

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