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Win funky electro / punk jewelry from Zlanarama

indie and punk jewelryElectro queens, kawaii kittens & punky mommas take note…

Zlanarama is an online alternative jewelry store with a beautiful mission: to restore color and whimsy to a drab and sometimes scary world. Zlanarama wants remind women of the value of many of the things considered childish in our culture. There is nothing wrong with a splash of color – or even a lot of color.

If you haven’t already entered our Mookychick competition to win online vouchers for indie and punk jewelry from Zlanarama, now’s your chance.

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Competition ends 7 June 2008.

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Girl anachronism: The Dresden Dolls

April 10, 2007 Leave a comment

Doll-sized infobytes on the Dresden Dolls:

* The Dresden Dolls sometimes pose naked with each other for band art shots

* They once held a competition where you could win band tickets if you sent a photo of yourself posed as a painted living statue outside of any police station

* They stick hate mail and bad press as well as fan letters and good press on their website. Brave!

* Amanda Palmer sometimes pencils in her eyebrows as she performs live on stage

* Trent Reznor from NIN loves them. Mmmmmm.

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CSS – Brazilian joy is music, not a method of waxing…

April 10, 2007 Leave a comment

CSS and lead singer Lovefoxxx wear glitter catsuits on stage, have plastic ball wars with their fans, and are impossibly fun and sexy. And yet ‘CSS’ stands for the Brazilian for ‘I got tired of being sexy’…

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