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Eye tattooing… here’s mud in your eye!

April 10, 2008 1 comment

eye tattooJust when you think you can no longer be shocked by a body modification, along comes the eyeball tattoo. Yes, the eyeball tattoo. People really are getting their peepers tattooed in more or less the same way that you would get any other part of your body inked.

Along with two of his friends, Pauly Unstoppable and Josh, Shannon Larratt, founder and owner of body-modification website, had the procedure done in August 2007. Although that sounds rather dangerous, Shannon is adamant it isn’t: “The eye is very resilient; you can put almost anything in it. Your eye actually is designed to be able to handle contaminants being there.”

And while researching the procedure he found documents dating back to the late 19th century, when it was first offered as a corrective surgery for people with poor sight, and then as a cosmetic practice to change the colour of the eye.

“It’s one of the oldest forms of tattooing,” says Shannon. “There are medical reports on it from that era that are all positive. They basically say it’s safer than regular tattooing. That’s one reason we felt fairly secure moving forward with this – we felt that if they could do it in 1900 and not have any problems then we should be able to do it now.”